Welcome to The Blog!

Welcome to The Blog!

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my blog; N’Style-N’Budget! I’m so excited that you decided to stop by.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.
I’m Naomi! Known across social media platforms as Naomi Charice, Bay Area Native, beauty professional, style enhancer and business owner (N’Vyd Style). A firm believer in Christ, character, and integrity.

Fashion is my place of escape. Personal styling and shopping energizes me and the boutique is where the two of those things mesh. N’Style-N’Budget will be dedicated to helping women of all shapes and sizes maximize their look without breaking the bank. I plan to offer you guys SO much! Content you can relate to, styling tips that are easy to duplicate OR make your own, share some of my favorite fashion secrets and of course, all things N’Vyd Style!

My motto is: When you look good, you feel good. And I’m here to help!
I’ll be sharing tips on maximizing your closet, affordable fashion finds, trendy pieces to buy (and where to get them), and provide product knowledge to enhance your shopping experiences. I do all this in the name of fashion and to help YOU do business and life IN STYLE!


If you’ve just found me I’m telling you, you’re in for some great things. If you’ve been walking with me for some time now, thank you for rocking with me and allowing me to share my gift and passion with you. That’s all for now. 🙂

As I always say; live,love,laugh, and forgive often!


For business inquiries: naomi.charice@yahoo.com
Instagram: naomi.charice or nvydstyle2018. Follow me-I follow back! 🙂



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