Never Underestimate The Power of Tucking!

NEVER Underestimate The Power of Tucking!

I’m a huge fan of relaxed t-shirts. In fact, my boutique, N’Vyd Style, sells them in a few colors; white, powder pink, black, and coral just to name a few.

While I love the relaxed look, it can, at times, make you appear bigger in some areas than you actually are.

Take a look at the picture I’ve attached. The middle picture is the t-shirt in its original state, untucked.
The look is cute and relaxed! One of my favs! BUT, take a look at the other two pictures. I decided to do a front tuck in one picture and then a front tie on the other. I instantly look about 3lbs lighter in the pictures where I tucked the shirt.

Tucking is a for sure, stand out and easy way to style N’Vyd Style’s “relaxed tee” and still look “pulled together”. If you add a blazer to this look, it’s totally appropriate for an office look.


While there are a few tuck options (front, side, and back tuck), the front tuck is my go-to. In my opinion, it’s the easiest to pull off, no matter how thick or thin the shirt (or sweater) you’re tucking is.

Simply flatten your top and tuck it in about an inch into your waistband. Elevate the tuck, slightly, to your liking and VIOLA! That’s it!

This method of styling keeps the waistband visible, instantly provides a slimming look and keeps your relaxed t-shirt from looking blah. This bad boy is perfect for all different top styles, from flowy tees to button-up shirts and more.

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